Located in Grenada, MS USA
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Summer Camp - Camp Orr High Adventure Base
June 25 - July 1, 2006


We arrived save and sound

Cedervale campsite

Cafeteria food!

Opening campfire

Opening campfire view (same as camp shirt)


Flag raising

Trekkers leave camp

Eye of the needle rock

The crossing

Hemmend in Hollow Falls

Afternoon hike

Hiking up Hell's Hill

Headed to Bench trail

Reflecting on the climb to Antenna Pine. Michael B. and "Rooster"

Supper on Antenna Pine.



Sleeping near the edge on Antenna Pine

Raising our flag

Beginning our journey down

Rocky terrain

Yes, it's this steep

Canoeing class

Cafeteria help

Castle Rock

(30 feet)

Castle Rock

Tuesday - Copper Head Cave


Repelling down 25ft


Going further down

Sitting Room

Sometime you crawl on your hands and knees

Sometime you crawl on your belly

It was worth the view

Is my light on?

I'm glad I have a helment on

Wedding cake

Yes, I fell in that hole!!!

Waiting to climb out

And up we go

So this is a cave???


Dutch oven contest

Dutch oven contest

Climbing class

Climbing class

Climbing class

Wednesday/Thursday - Canoeing

Gilbert Access

Refilling water bottles


Night canoeing

Hot chocalate near Dillard's Ferry bridge


GPS canoe navigation system


Buffalo point


Merit badge class

Merit Badge Class

Merit Badge Class

Merit Badge Class

Merit Badge Class

Signing the flag we raised on Antenna Pine

The "BFR"

Do we really have to climb straight up?

We made it!

No Doug it's not a bear...


Return to Castle Rock

Camp talk

Closing campfire skit

Friday - Repelling

Mark and JW

Kenny and Ryan

Bob and Chace

Doug and Steven

Joey and Michael

Davis and Matthew

Wilson and Brian

Chris and Cameron



Best bathroom & showers of any camp we've been to.

Bubbles, Nathan, Rooster

Our flag displayed in a prominant spot in the dining hall




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